Are we secure with our WI-FI??? Protect yourself now! - Technology
Are we secure with our WI-FI??? Protect yourself now!

Are we secure with our WI-FI??? Protect yourself now!

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Now I read in detail the post, also on a website that has been tracking the security news since I only had it as a title before, but I did not have time to read it.

Initially, this only allows a person who did not market a WiFi password so that he or she can get traffic, but it is the same as someone who knows the password and can connect without problems, and then perform all the things necessary for traffic capture. For example: in many different cafes connected, if one of them wants to make a bull, then he can only go with me to where he goes for coffee, even when you are there with the attack, so you do not need to do it manipulation in handshake so you can get the packages. So, the best defense is to practice the 3 points I mentioned below, there are many other points, but these are the main ones.

WiFi as the technology is weak, no matter what we use because there is no need to place a cable on the Switch or enter the house that is harder. Capturing WiFi traffic can be with anyone who works with the 5m, security is on encryption, since every WiFi device puts the waves in all directions, and only the device that needs to accept the traffic can be decrypted and after decryption can with it read the package and see where I should go, for it is logon so even though normal i was later in all directions but it is understandable.

The security in this technology is so weak, the different methods of encryption are made, as some have even managed to manipulate, and now that is considered safe as it is time to decrypt traffic, but decryption is done only of the external layer, ie the encryption provided by the WiFi Router / AP. I'm saying this because you can easily imagine the Safety as an onion that has a lot of layers of water, where you can reach the part that can be consumed, some layers have to be removed and safety is so, if it removes this layer, it is a The other layer that is for a type of traffic is HTTPS, but can with the removal of only the first layer reaches the consumption part.

For these reasons companies around the world are doing their best to ensure the maximum security they can for their traffic, and to be able to guarantee only that traffic and not depend on them. But not every traffic is encrypted. There are some services that are extremely critical and still work in English as "Clear Text" means traffic can read any who you like.

Now, about WPA2, which has managed to manipulate, I do not look surprised, since in the background everything is mathematical, and the algorithms / functions that have been designed for this and many other things has made the man where he could possibly find my opportunity turn back. The only difference from the tasks that are chosen in the school is to use 'Prime Numbers' or in Albanian Simplified Numerals, but numbers with 10-20 digits are used and not small numbers such as, 1,3,5,7,11, 13.17, ... So the achievement of manipulating them is only a matter of time and great impact is also the rise of computer resources that make unimaginable calculations in seconds.

Protection for this, until they find a solution to how it is done, even though 30% will not make firmware updates of their devices because they do not know what remains the risk even a very long time. But until a solution is found, these are the 3 points I recommend:
Encryption: Use HTTPS on all pages if you do not try to leave them. For example: Viber, enable encryption so that messages can not be read in any network. Emails are used by the browser (using HTTPS) rather than SMTP because they can be read (I have some companies that have it because they have it easier: confused:
Update: Keep the operating system up-to-date (Microsoft, the second Tuesday of each month, for a company or leave it for private), update all other applications like Java, Flash, Adobe, or any other app. If someone arrives with no traffic and sees any app on PC that there is any Exploit ready for them, then wait until the best gift comes to you.
If you can and you can use VPN, which protects you from these, but you also have anonymity.

It is a sentence that I am modifying a bit but the meaning is the same, although it is not very true, but it explains very good security:
Someone hack you, and you are aware,
Someone hack you, and you are unaware.

Today, the most vulnerable are those who have virtual currency. These people have to be very careful. By Visa, for example, they can steal a maximum of 500-1000 euros plus you can denounce the police here and there are no limits and you do not complain . Let's take an example of someone who has 20 Bitcoins worth $ 110000 being stole private key finished the movie.

Stole money from VISA, MASTERCARD even though this one is decreasing as it has enabled some options for security (called 3D), while with virtual currency there is no limit to a word as much as you steal it. But not every time the purpose of these things is money, it's Profit but no profit is every single money.

Also, people who do not have virtual currency but use computers compared to people who use virtual currency is not even 1%, so I do not find the logic that the most vulnerable are such a small number of people compared to the majority. The reason why the attacks happen on Windows is not the worst of other operating systems, but why is it a bulk, and if an option goes with finding and compromising a version of an application, then is it worth giving the contribution to Windows where you can with infected millions of computers, or other operating systems that all together did not market more than Windows (In addition to Android that has already passed) and even attacks have been growing much more on Android, Again I'm saying no why is the weakest but why it is the majority and the discovery of a release leads to huge gain.

The person who has a little money, the more he keeps things than the other people. Because you know that if you lose one thing, you still have a lot of funding to win. It's a sentence I read in a book: "Doors are not placed in the house to keep the horses out, but to enable guests to know where they knock when they come with them."

You go back to the point I said that not every time the purpose is the first. Now let's talk about the reality if someone reaches to access a computer and finds the bank card information or finds a private key as you say, he does not think he or she does not get them, that he says they do not. He has come to the computer without someone's permission, it's a + very big because he wins less. 99% of attacks are made for computer access and not for information on PC card information, not because it can only be seen when it comes to access, where 99% of the work is done. So nobody bills 99% of the work just to look at whether or not a. since they know that there are few or no people who store the information on the PC card.

Next, a great need for these people is the computer resources that can be used for all sorts of things: Sharing, Hacking, DDOS, and many other things they can do and that are far more than 100,000 euros and normal well from someone's computer where security for him is bigger and normal gains from it.

So, regarding this attack, there is still no major risk at present. It's a risk that this has been announced, but no one will come and try them with no traffic, which in most cases is HTTPS (for the most important ones). So even a little I do not see any great danger with regard to this release, but not now with that very sllir drive that sbohet it but does not mean that will not have.

And finally, if somebody says that I do not care if I want to send FB or Email. I was asking you to send me E-Mail / Password, FB, etc .. in PM, I'm excited to see what you have e-mail e-mails and contacts contact on social networks.
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