How to earn money from Adult sites? - Technology

What is this Method about and how Does it Make money?

Few years ago, when I was 16-17 years old there was almost no Porn PPL and PPS offers where you could make some money online promoting porn.
Today, there are 100s of Cam and Porn affiliates but only few of them are quality ones.
If you wonder do I still make money with this method, and the answer is yes.
What I do is I basically start my porn sites (if you think starting your porn site is expansive, don’t worry, I will show you how to start your own porn sites for $130) and I monetize my porn site with Chaturbate webcam banner ads, people visit my porn site and 8-10% of people will click on your banner ads.
When guys click on banner ads it will take them to your offer (webcam girls website), and if they start watching can girls you will get $1 commission, or 20% of their lifetime spend on webcam sites.
Over the years I uploaded 50000+ videos and 80% of them are still online, so now I run my own porn company with people working for me, and they are uploading 100-500 videos per day.
At this point I’m making on average $200 to $800 per day with this method and 90% of this is passive income.
And now, what are you going to do in the next few weeks?
You will follow my tutorial and your total cost will be around $130 in order to create your own porn site, and if you start uploading videos today, you can start making your first money in the next few days.

  • You will create at least one porn site
  • You will download porn videos and re-upload them on other sites
  • You will use my porn cutting method to get 10X more visitors on your porn site
  • You will start getting Google Search visitors on your site
  • You will start making money

Creating accounts on porn sites

One of the best sites for this method is
They will allow everything from this tutorial, and if they ever delete your video, just upload it again, and they will accept it, so they will not ban you.
You can literally make account on every porn site on the Internet that allows you to upload porn videos.
You can find best porn sites list on The best list of porn website.
If you want, you can read my article on How to create your own porn site and how to make money with porn sites.
You can also continue reading this article where I will also explain you STEP-BY-STEP on how to start your porn site, and how to make money with it.

How to Create Porn Site in 10 Minutes ($130 total expense)

13-15 years ago when some of the first porn sites came online, it was really hard to create a website, and porn site is a really complicated website (categories, uploading content…), so you would need 100 000 lines of code in order to create one simple porn site.
But today, there is one script that can save you from coding, paying for your programmers and testing your website over and over again for years until it’s ready for launch.

Guess what? I will Do Everything for You!

If you are newbie and you are not sure if you will be able to set everything up just like I did in my tutorial, I will help you!
I will do everything for you, I will set up your porn site, I will set up your ads, I will guide your through porn uploading 1 on 1 through Skype and I will show you how to get more visitors from Google Search, for Free!
If you want to contact me add me on Skype: adrian.rozic

When I made some money with my uploading method I became more interested in all these porn sites because I was already into this niche.
I was wondering, there are literally 10,000+ porn sites online and all of them are online and working 24/7, is it possible that all of them are making so much money?
I will explain you this: Porn is so huge industry that there will never be enough porn online, people are watching porn every day, for hours, 5 billion people, and if you create a porn site, no one will ever say: ‘Damn, someone started new porn site, we don’t need that.’, they will just like it, no one hate porn sites, no one.
If you have some nice design, nice content and stable hosting you will make money with your porn site.
Now, I will explain you how to create your own porn site in 10 minutes, just like I did.
I will post long step-by-step tutorial on how to create porn site, how to do SEO for your porn site, and how to make money with it.

Step 1: Hosting and Domain

First thing first, if you want to start a porn site, you will need stable and porn free hosting and domain for your site.
There is only one hosting online that’s affordable, that support porn sites and it’s amazingly fast.
This hosting is FastComet Hosting, probably one of the best hosting sites online, and only FastComet will allow you to build your porn site on their shared hosting, you can click here to visit their homepage and check their prices.
Fastcomet is really affordable so you can buy their hosting for $59 per year and they will give FREE domain too.

How to buy FastComet Hosting; Step by Step

I will try to explain this in few steps so everyone can understand it.
When you land on their homepage you will see START NOW button, click on that button.

When you click on START NOW, site will redirect you to hosting plans picker.
If you are starting only one site you can choose StartSmart, this plan will give you everything else like any other plan, but you will be able to host only one domain on this plan.
Starter plan will cost you $59 per year, and you will get free domain with it.
If you want to start more than 1 porn site you can choose bigger plan. (Bigger plan will cost you around $75 per year + FREE domain).
I would recommend StartSMART plan if you are a newbie and you need only one porn site.
With Starter plan, you will get unlimited addon domains, unlimited space, One click installer, SSL certificate, and 100+ other features.
You will also get 45 days moneyback guarantee for all plans on FastComet hosting.
So when you choose your plan, either StartSMART, ScaleRight or SpeedUp, you will be step closer to your porn website.

After you choose your hosting plan, click on this GET STARTED button and site will redirect you one step further, now you will choose your plan size and your domain name.

How to choose your domain name?

You can go to LeanDomainSearch and search for domain with ‘porn’ or ‘tube’ or ‘hub’.
That site will list you 1000+ interesting domain names, and when you find nice one enter it here into this form.
After you find your domain, copy it and paste it into domain checker, if your domain is available, click on Proceed and site will take you to Contact information and Billing options.
You can buy 1 month, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months hosting.
Fast Comet is probably the only company that will charge you same recurring price every year, for example Bluehost will charge you $100 first year, and recurring price would be $200, some companies will do this to attract customers and mislead them into buying, FastComet is fair, they charge $59 every year, I like that.
Best hosting period would be 12 or 24 months. (12 months hosting will cost you around $59 per year.)

After that, enter your Billing info, your personal and contact information and  your payment type (you can pay with Paypal).
Now you can choose some additional services, but if you choose them you will pay more for your hosting, and you don’t need them at all, trust me.
Just skip them all and you will be fine, if you need some of them later, you can buy them at any time.

So just skip Addons and continue to your next step.
Now you just have to pay your order and you’re done, now I will show you how to install your porn website.
That’s it, if you have some questions about this tutorial you can contact me here on my Facebook Page, and I will try to help you with your questions.
Click here to visit FastComet hosting and buy your hosting and domain.

Step 2: WP-Script

If you wonder how your site is going to look like, I have your answer, your site will be identical to some of the biggest porn sites online, like PornHub. (you can check my new website and it’s created with WP-script:
But how can I create site like that, I don’t have any programming skills?
Well, you don’t have to do anything, there is this simple script that will help you install your own porn site in 5 minutes, all these big porn sites are using this script, I am using this script on 72 websites.
With this script you will be able to create your own porn website in 5 minutes, and I will show you how.
This script is called WP-Script, and you can check this script on WP-script website.

How to Buy and Install This Script

This script is the best porn scripts online, and it’s also the best looking one too.
With this script you will be able to start your website in 5 minutes, yes, your website can be online in 5 minutes from now.
When you land on their homepage click THEMES button in the top menu to buy this script.

When you land on Themes page you will see 2 different themes, Kingtube and Retrotube, choose Retrotube.
This theme will cost you $49 for one site, if you plan to build more than 1 porn site you should buy $79 option so you can use it on 5 different sites, or $99 for unlimited number of sites.
After you decide how many sites you want to build, click on ADD to CART button and continue reading this tutorial.

This script is huge, it has 100+ options so you can customize everything, from colors, to your logo, video and social share designs, and it’s really affordable, because you will basically get amazing pornsite design design for $49.

Now you have to buy Mass Embedder.. What is Mass Embedder?

Mass embedder is basically a tool that will help you to embed 10000+ videos from other porn sites like PornHub, Xvideos and Tube8 directly on your website, it will embed everything, video title, tags, categories.. and you can do this with one click, so you can go to your website, you can choose for example RedTube, you can choose MILF category, and you can copy 300 videos from their site to your site, and it will be identical.
This is not illegal, all these porn sites are partners with WP-script.
So, in order to get this plugin you have to click on PLUGINS item on Wp-script website.

After you click on PLUGINS you will get to plugin list on their website.
First plugins is the one you need to use, it’s called Adult Tubes Mass Videos Embedder.
This plugin will cost you $79 if you want to use it on one website, and $99 if you want to use it on 5 sites.
Click on Purchase button, and after you decide if you want it for one or more sites, click on Add to Cart Button, and you are done.

After you buy WP-theme and Embedder plugin that’s it, you don’t have to spend any more money on your porn site.
So your total porn site investment will be: $49 for WP-theme, $79 for Mass Embedder and $50 for hosting, and this is the cheapest and the best way to start your porn site.
After you add WP theme and Mass Embedder plugin to your cart click on Cart item in top menu and go to Checkout.


Now you have to enter your Information, email, name and country, and you can continue to billing.
You can pay directly with your credit card or you can pay one click with Paypal.
After your payment you will instantly be able to download both theme and mass embedder plugin and you are ready to use it.
Follow this tutorial because I will explain you how to install this script, how to add videos and how to make money with it.

How to Start Your First Porn Site?

I will guide you step by step on installing your site, it will take you only 5-10 minutes to make it happen.
WP-script and Mass embedder plugin are working with WordPress, and WordPress is the most popular website CMS online, and it’s really easy to use.

WordPress Installation 

First thing first you have to login to your FastComet hosting account.
I will show you step-by-step installation on my Demo account.
After you login into your hosting account, click on Products -> My products.
Now click on View Details button.

When you land on your Details page scroll down to Log in To options.
Now you will click on cPanel button and you will land on your cPanel options.

After that, scroll to the bottom of cPanel page and you will find your Softaculous installer.
This is one click CMS installer, and you need to click on WordPress icon to install it on your site.
WordPress is free software and I will show you how to install it in 2 minutes.

After you land on WordPress page you should click on Install now button.
Now you have to make some changes to your WordPress default installation.
You can just copy my installation settings (just change site name and site description to match yours).

In Choose protocol field choose Http://.
In Choose domain choose your domain name.
In Directory: Delete everything and leave empty field.
Now just add your site name and site description.

You will have to choose your Admin username, Admin password and Admin mail.
I would replace Admin username with some other username (like your name, or a nickname).
Choose strong password (at least 8 characters).
Enter your e-mail address so WordPress can send you notifications from your website.

You don’t have to change anything on Select plugin, Advance options and Select theme part.
Now you just have to click blue Install button and your WordPress is installed.

And you are done.
Now you just have to click on Administrative URL to access your Admin panel, and I will show you how to upload your WP-theme and Mass Embedder plugin.

How to SetUp your Porn Site

First thing first, you have to login into your WP-script website account, and download both Mass embedder plugin and WP-theme (retrotube).

Put both folders into one folder and Compress both files to .zip version.
.zip folders are easy to use and you can upload them directly to WordPress, I will show you how to do it.


You should go to your website Admin panel, enter your domain and add /wp-admin after your domain.
For example:
Enter your admin username and password (you created it on WordPress installation).
Now put your mouse on Appearance, and click on Themes.

After you land on Themes page, click on Add New, and after that click on Upload theme.
WordPress will give you some basic free themes but you have to upload your WP-script theme.

Click on Choose file and find your Retrotube theme .zip file.
Click on Install Now and after you install it click on Activate button.

After theme activation you have to upload your Mass embedder plugin.
Now go to Plugins, and click on Add New.

Same story here, when you land on Plugins page click on Upload plugin.
After that click on Choose file and find your Adult Mass Embedder plugin .zip file.
Upload it and Activate it.

Now you will see small notification on the top of your page.
You have to install this free WP-Script Core plugin so you can finish your site.
Click on Begin installing and install and activate this plugin.
Now you are done with uploading.

You have 3-4 more minutes and your website will be ready for work.
Now you have to find WP-script item on the bottom of your menu, and click on Dashboard.

WP-theme will require license key in order to be activated.
So you have to visit WP-theme website, login into your account and get your license key and paste in on your installation box.

After your activation, go to WP-script Dashboard and find Retrotube and Mass Videos Embedder.
Find green Connect Now buttons under those item and click on those buttons, and WordPress will automatically connect them and your site is ready.

Website Design

Next thing you have to do is to go to your WP-script theme options.
In your WordPress admin panel find WP-script, and click on Theme options.
I will screenshot you my options so you can copy them.
First page I uploaded is General site option page and you can also change number of videos on homepage (my optimal number is 28).
You can check all other items, just like I did.
Now click on Visual options where you can set your Visual options.

First option is your Main theme color, and I like to leave it default, or you can easily pick some color you want to you.
Second option is Custom background, you can upload some HQ photo as your website background, I prefer to leave it Unchecked, as default.

Next step are Logo and Favicon settings.
I don’t use Logo image because it’s easier to use default text editor from this theme.
I use ‘video-camera’ icon logo, and I don’t use text slogan option.
My text settings are Amaranth font, and 33px font size.

In Header settings you will get only two settings.
I don’t put Social profiles on my sites, and I show Search bar on all of them.

Next step is Content settings page.
You will get 2 setup sub-pages on this page, Homepage and Video page.
I will show you how I setup Homepage settings first.
Carousel slider is small slider under your main menu, you can check it on my new site:
You can use any settings you like for your slider, and you can check settings from my site on screenshot above.

After you complete your Homepage setup click on Video Page settings.
You should Enable sidebars, disable Autoplay and Logo watermark.
Enable tracking button, and leave button setting as default.

Scroll down and you will see even more Video page settings, you can copy these settings from my screenshot.
After you save your settings click on Sidebar settings.

On this page you will enable your Sidebar and choose Right position.
Now click on Footer settings.

In Footer column settings you can choose any Footer size you like.
I prefer 1 column or 3 columns, and should choose one of those options.
Turn on your Copyright bar and write something like “All right reserved: 2017”

Click on Membership settings and you will land on this page filled with bunch of options.
Disable all these options just like I did on my Screenshot.

How to Make Money with This Script?

This script is made for porn site, and porn site is made to make money.
You can find 10+ ways to monetize this website, and you can use all of them together.
You will get In-Player ads option, to rotate your ad before and after porn video.
Ad Spaces for Banner ads can be found on Homepage Sidebar and Video sidebar, just like Pornhub Ads.
You will get exact same Ad spots like those on PornHub.
You can put your Ads in sidebar, in video, under every video, in Header, everywhere.

How to get Banner Ads for my Porn Site?

I tried more than 50 ad networks for my porn sites, and I used Crakrevenue for a long time.
I made really great money with almost every porn network, but Chaturbate is making me 40% more money than any other network.
Now I use Chaturbate for 99% of my sites, and they are 500000% legit.
You can register on Chaturbate, and they have CAM offers with more than 10 000 cam girls, they will give you $1 per free signup and 20% of money spent by your referral, they will also give you banners for these offers, so you just need to register on Chaturbate, click here to register.
After you land on Chaturbate site Go to the bottom of that page and click on Affiliates link.


Link will take you to this Chaturbate Affiliate section.
Now you have to click on “Join affiliate program now” button.

You will land on payment method dropdown.
Choose Firstchoice pay, this is the easiest way to get paid from Crakrevenue.

Now you have to fill this simple form, and you have to be over 18 to enter.
Choose your username, password, enter your email, and choose your birth date, and click on Create Account button.
Now it’s done you are in, if they ask you for 2 step verification you can add your cellphone so you can verify your account and you are ready to go, click on Affiliate link on the bottom of your page, and it will get you back to your affiliate account.
Now, I will show you how to get paid from Chaturbate and how to set up ads for your website.

How to get paid from Chaturbate?

You will get your money through Chaturbate, and Chaturbate will pay you with Paxum..
Paxum is the best option for receiving money both in US and Internationally, they will send you free Paxum card that you can use on all ATMs worldwide, and you can also use it as a regular credit card for shopping, paying gas…
Now you will get new page with these options.

Input your Email, Password, Security, Nickname…
Now you are ready to make money with Chaturbate, go back to Chaturbate and enter your Paxum Username and they will send you your earnings on Paxum.
In the meantime Paxum will ask you to send them some Identity check, so you can send them scanned ID or your Passport, and they will send you your credit card on your address, for free of course, card delivery will take anywhere from 10-15 days.
You can start making money even without your card money will be stored on your account and once you get your card you can use your money.

Mobile Phone Optimization

Same story here, go to Mobile -> Advertising and you will be able to see your Mobile phone banner settings.
You can use the same 300X250 ads that you perviously generated for other (desktop) Ad banners on your site.

Setting up general Mobile options is easy, you just have to disable Homepage Widgets, enable Sidebar and Add 20 videos per page and 2 video per row.

How to Set up Ads on Your Porn Site

First thing first you should go to your website/wp-admin and go to your WP-script options.
Now choose Advertising and you will get this screen with all predefined places for banners.


All these Banner places will come with default Banner link inside, and I will show you how to change it to your affiliate link and your Chaturbate banner.
So, every one of these Banner places will come with this default code in it:

Now you should go to your Chaturbate account, click on Linking codes in your main menu.
Linking codes will take you to this page with all your affiliate links to different pages.
All these links are your affiliate links, and you should use any link you want.

I use HomePage: Females link for 90% banners, because I got really great results with it.
Copy your link, and paste it in your Banner Code instead of #.
Your new banner code will look like this:

Now your banner is clickable, and if someone click on it, link will take them to Chaturbate webcams and if they register their account, you will get your money.
One more step is left in this process, you have to add your banner image to your banner code.
Click on Promo Tools link in main menu.

Promo tools link will take you to this page with few options, you can use all type of predefined banners, I like to use Animated and Static banners.
For example if you click on Static banners you will get list of banner images, with some details like Image size, and Image dimensions.

You have 3 different predefined banner sizes on your website, 300×250, 468×60 and 728×90.
When you find some banner image you want  to show on your blog, you can simply right click on that image, and choose “Copy image address”.
Go back to your code and paste image link after “IMG SRC=” so your image link should replate existing link in your code.

Now you can set up your banners one by one, and that’s it, your banner ads are ready to make money.
Now visit your site and check if your banners are clickable and if they send you to Chaturbate after you click on them.

How to Get Visitors on My Porn Website?

WP Script is SEO optimized, so, your visitors will come from Google Search, and more videos you have, more people will find you online.
You can add infinite number of videos on your website, Mass embedder plugin will allow you to grab 1000+ videos every day.
With 30 000+ videos on your site, it will be easy for visitors to find your website.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Import 200 videos on your website once you install it, and after that import only 50 videos per day, so Google can properly rank your site, so you can get more SEO visitors and better Google rank.
My main traffic source is Google Search, I never used paid or blackhat methods to get my visitors, 100% passive and organic.
I will show you how to start getting free traffic from Google in 5 minutes, you just have to submit your website to Google, Google will index it in 3-5 days, and you will start getting your visitors in 10 days.

How to Submit your Website to Google in 5 minutes

First thing first, go to your website/wp-admin, and click on Plugins -> Add new.
You will get list of plugins and you will see your search box.

Enter “yoast” in your search box and you will see YOAST Seo Plugin.
Click on Install now, and after installation click on Activate.

After installation and activation, click on SEO plugin dashboard in your WordPress menu.
In the top menu click on Features, and Enable “Advanced settings pages”.

After you save your settings, you will see advanced extended menu under your SEO menu.
Click on XML sitemap, and click on DISABLE.
After you click on Disable click on Save changes.

Now click on Enable again, and click on Save Changes.
Now you should be able to open your list of sitemaps for your site, click on XML Sitemap hyperlink.
Next step is Google Webmaster account, click here to register free account.

After you land on Google webmaster page, click on tiny blue Sign In link on the top of your screen.
You will be able to log in to your Webmaster account with your Gmail account, if you have one.

After successful login into your Webmaster account, you should see your panel.
Click on Add a Property button and you will get Pop-up option like this:

Copy your website homepage link and paste it here.
Click on Add and you website will be be saved on your Webmaster account.
Now you will get this screen, Webmaster will ask you to confirm that this is your website.

Don’t use recommended option to confirm your site, click on Alternate method.
You will get HTML tag verification link, copy that link and go to your website/wp-admin.
Click on Appereance ->Editor, and find Theme header in your theme sidebar list.
Copy your HTML verification and paste it anywhere under line.

After you paste your HTML code click on Save, and Webmaster will confirm it.
No Webmaster will take you to Website settings.

Here you will click on Sitemaps button, and Webmaster will take you to your domain Sitemap list.

This button will open small popup where you can enter your sitemaps.
You have to enter them one by one, enter one sitemap, click Submit, and repeat process for 2 other sitemaps.
Click on Add/Test sitemap, where you will enter your sitemaps.
You should add 3 sitemaps, one by one, and they are:
After you add your sitemaps that’s it, you are done, you can close Webmaster!

How to Track your Visitors?

If you want to track visitors on your site, how they come to your site, from where they come to your site, how long do they stay on your site, you can install Statcounter.
Statcounter is free website that track your visitors and you can track them on their website.


In the first step you have to enter your username, password, email…
Second step is basically your domain, Project title, your country and timezone.
You should copy Step 3 from my screenshot below:


When you scroll down you will see this form, in Email Reports choose NONE.
In counter part click INVISIBLE TRACKING.
And uncheck Publicly sharing your statistics.
Click on Add project to finish.
Now you will be given few options for Installation guide.
Click on Default Installation Guide in the left page sidebar.


Now you will see your Installation code you need to copy.
Click on Copy to clipboard, and go to your website/wp-admin -> Appearance -> Editor -> Theme Header.

This is the same page where you pasted your Webmaster code, find Webmaster code and paste Statcounter code right under it.

That’s finally it, you are done!
Now just go back to Statcounter, scroll down to the bottom of your page and click on Check Installation.
Now your website is online and ready to make some money!

How Much Money Can you Make with Porn Website?

Ok, this is my average number, and you can make more or less money, but porn is so profitable and your website will make more and more money day by day.
My average visitors to click ratio is 100:8, so if I have 100 visitors today, 8 of them will click on my ad.
My average Ad conversion ratio is 1:15, so with 15 I click I can make one PPL sale (1$).
If you create 5 sites with 500 Google visitors per day each + if you get 1000 visitors on each site from porn uploading on other porn sites, you will get 7500 visitors per day, you will get 500-600 click on your ads and 30-50 sales every day, that’s $30-50 per day (900-1500 per month), and you can start making money with your sites from day one.
All average size porn websites are getting anywhere from 30 000 up to 500 000 visitors per day, and PornHub and those huge sites are getting more than 10 000 000 visitors per day.
You can grow your site day by day, and you can have 1000000 videos and 1000000 visitors per day, there is no limit.
You can create unlimited number of sites, imagine having 200 sites with 10 000 visitors each.

Last STEP: Upload videos and Make even More Money!

Ok, you are almost done, you have one more thing to do.
Your sites will have tons of visitors from Google Search, but you can get 10x more visitors on your sites from porn uploading.
So you will basically find some attractive porn videos and you will reupload them on other porn sites.
There are few different ways you can do this and I tried all of them and I ended up here, I will explain you how I get more than 10 000 visitors per day with porn cutting.
I find my videos on few different porn sites, some of them are:,,,, and few other sites, you can find list of more than 100 porn sites on

How to choose perfect video for reupload?

I use niches, I have few domains in few niches, for example you can create domain and you can find Milf videos and upload them with your domain.
I use 4 different niches, Asian porn, Webcam porn, Milf porn and Interracial porn videos.
There are 2 rules in your downloading porn videos process, never download Low quality videos or Under 5 minute videos.
If you upload really low quality videos or really short videos you can easily get banned from porn sites.

How and Why I Cut my videos?

I tried more than 10 different porn uploading methods and I use porn cutting for the last 20 months.
I basically find some cool video on porn site, and I use Windows Movie Maker to cut that video in half.
Why I do this? People tend to like porn videos intro, and porn videos ending scenes, so I upload Part 1 and people watch Part 1, and they really like porn video, so they assume that Part 2 will be available after watching Part 1.
But there is a catch, I upload only Part 1 of my video, I will explain you why.
If you upload Part 1 and Part 2, people will watch Part 1, and they will watch Part 2, and they will never visit your boring domain name in your video title.
With this method, you force them to visit your domain.
People watch Part 1 of your video, they look around to see if they can find Part 2 and when they realize there is no Part 2, and there is huge title telling them: You can watch Part2 on this link, and 80% of them will visit your site.
When you upload porn video, always put title like this: Your Video Name- Watch Part2 on

This is one example of my porn video upload, when I started using video cutting method I got 2000% increase in video views/domain visitors ratio.
When I used ordinary video title like: My porn video – more videos like this on I got only 10-30 domain visitors per 1000 views, now I get 10-30 visitors per 200 video views.
Trust me, use porn cutting method any you will make 2000% more money with porn uploading.

How many videos should I upload?

I get this question every single day, and I always try to give you my honest opinion based on my experience.
You should find 10 sites and you should upload on these 10 sites every single day.
Download and upload only 10+min videos, porn sites will often delete short videos.
When you start working with this method upload 2 videos per day on 10 porn sites.
After 2-3 weeks start uploading 4 videos per day on 10 sites.
And finally after 30-60 days start uploading 10 videos per day on 10 porn sites, 2-3 months later you will have more than 5000 videos online.

How much money can I make if I upload XX videos per day?

This is also pretty popular question in my inbox, and people ask me:
“How much money can I make if I upload 20 videos per day”,
or: “If I upload 3000 videos per day will I make $1000 in my first day.”
Look, you need to upload 10-15 videos per day in the first few days, mainly because porn sites will not mark you as spam if you start slow, they will look at you as a valuable user who upload porn on their site, and they will love you.
You will make money with your porn site even if you don’t use porn uploading, you will start getting SEO visitors from Google search in 7-10 days, and porn uploading is just my extra way to get 5-10X more visitors and more money.
When porn site loves you, they will often put your videos on Homepage and if they put your video on homepage you will get more than million views per week.
Never spam porn sites with 100 videos in your first day, you can upload tons of videos per day later when you already have 1000 uploaded videos online.
Never upload videos on one site only, always upload videos on 5-10 sites per day.
That’s it from me, I will try to post more updated in the next few weeks, so stay subscribed, and make money!
You have any questions at all? Contact me through my Facebook page.
And you are ready to make money now!
I don’t promote my videos with paid ads and shit like that, is the largest porn sites so you will get tons of views on Xvideos, and every day other small porn sites are embedding videos from Xvideo so they will collect your video too, so in few weeks your video will be on 100 other sites and you will get 100X more visitors.
Feel free to share this blog with friend, there is place for everyone to make some money.

2017 UPDATE: 

I made $61,932 in 6 months with this method, find out how! (click here to read 2017 update on this method)

2018 UPDATE:

We made $104.500 in 2017, click here to read our income report


I published this article 7 weeks ago, and almost 15 people contacted me with their results.
Most of them sold few PPL offers in their first week now they make from 2-8$ per day.
Two guys from Nepal started with this method from my forum post on BHW and they work with this method for 2 months now and they make 30$ per day together, they have 110 videos online on 3 different porn sites.
My subscriber Thomas from Germany work on this method full time for 2 months and he’s on 60$ per day at this point.
Thank you all for reading, I love when you contact me with your results, cheers!

New Update:

It’s 18.12.2015 and here are some results of this method, this is the most popular article on my blog, and more than 200 people read this method every day.
200+ people started working on this method and 100+ of them contacted me with great results, lot of them are making more than 40$ per day, some of them are making steady 10-20$ and more and more people are really satisfied with results of this method.
Thank you all for reading.

Update 7.1.2016

Tons of people started working with this method, and they all ask me if this method became really saturated or what?
And my answer is no!
There are millions of porn sites and you can always make tons of money with this method.
I wrote great tutorial on how to become a webcam model, both male or female, and lot of girls reported amazing results with it, over 200$ per day, with 4-5 hours of work.

Update 25.1.2016

I got some mails and you are asking me why don’t I update this method more often, well, I don’t have much time for updates.
This method is getting more and more visitors every day, and I get tons of mails about this method.
100+ visitors started working with my methods in the last 2 weeks and most of them are making really nice passive income.
I will try to update this method more often (twice a month) from now.

Update 12.4.2016

Hey guys, few months later, I got like tons of mails of my readers asking me for help with this method.
Tons of people started with this method, and most of them are making nice money.
Few guys from Romania even started their own small company with money from this method.
People are still asking me if this method is saturated, and my answer is no!
If you want nice passive income from few hours of work ever day, you should start with this method.

Update August.2016

In the last few months tons of you started working with this method, and thank you all for contacting me with your results, I’m really happy when I see how many people make 100-1000$ per month with this method.
Some of you guys even asked me my Paypal account to send me some money but I kindly refused, when you make money with this method invest your money in some other methods from my blog and I will be happy to see you growing.
It’s really easy to make money with this method, there are more and more porn sites every day, and if you upload videos for 1-2 hours per day you can make easy 100$ per day with this method.

Update Jun 2017

Hey guys, I just want to do a quick update, tons of you made money with this method and tons of my visitors are starting with this method.
I get 10+ mails per day with questions like: Can I still make money with uploading method?
And my answer is yes, I have more than 150 000 uploaded videos online, I get more than 9000 offer clicks per day, I have huge passive income, and Porn uploader is uploading videos every day.
This method can become full time passive income really fast if you follow my article.
When you start with this method upload 20-30 videos per day, few weeks later start uploading 30-50 videos per day, and after that you will already have passive income, now you just have to turn your auto-uploader and you can count your passive income money from Crakrevenue.

Update February 2018

Hey guys, I can’t believe this, even after few years when I wrote this method there are still thousands of you making money with this, and I think this will easily become immortal method to make money online.
And I mean it, every single person who started this method made some money with it, some people made $100, some guys are making a living from this method, and some readers are making more than I do.
I am still running my porn company and I currently have 45 people working for me on my sites, and this method is currently making me anywhere from $200-800 per day (pure passive profit).
If you work with this method really hard and if you invest your time in porn uploading you can easily make anywhere from $50-$500 per day.
Cheers guys and I will post new updates soon!

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