Spas and explanations for Beginners of the trade of virtual coins - Technology
Spas and explanations for Beginners of the trade of virtual coins

Spas and explanations for Beginners of the trade of virtual coins

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What are CryptoCurrency / Coins

Recently, most of you have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc ..., do you have many people who have invested in them yet are our scenes ours?
Then simply they are like gold but these are virtual, most of them decentralized.
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where their prices are controlled by their own users

Bitcoin example, how much more Bitcoins are buying so much more than the price and the opposite
Some of you may have invested in Bitcoin, but the price was $ 10,000, and you did not have $ 10,000 to invest and left the scanned investment, or you've invested with some "shit coins" with a small price
But the truth is that you in Bitcoin are not saying buy the Bitcoin flat you can buy 0.1 Bitcoin that cost $ 1000 or 0.001Btc that cost $ 100, like gold  that you can buy 1KG / 100GR etc.
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Where to save Coins / Virtual Money after you buy it
You can save them online in different wallets / wallets such as
Go open 1 account in Binance or any other exchange and you can save or move it from a Coin in the other example you have $ 100 Bitcoin and scam $ 100 in ethereum
Now let's take example when you have exchanged those $ 100 from bitcoin in ethereum, you have received 0.1 Ethereum that have a value of $ 100, now if the value of ethereal doubles then those $ you have to ethereum to be diluted then if ethereum from $ 1000 to $ 2000, even those $ 100 have $ 200

Now that you understand what ours Bitcoin and other currencies then it's time to explore the other currencies you can give here:
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We are seeing the top 10 top currencies of the capital
To clarify my best bit of bitcoin example and show what we understand with that table
Market Cap / Total capital showing that Bitcoin has a Capital for 154B
The Price / Price is the current Bitcoin pricing that is $ 9.161.60
Volume 24H / Volume 24H, so how much money was transferred inside the 24H users
Circulating Supply / How much is the circulation currency number, seen in bitcoin that is 16 Million
Change 24H / Change in price 24H, so as% has dropped or has a coin, the bitcoin case is seen to have jumped 4.60% within 24H

If you want to invest in one currency, do not invest at the price, so if you see that the price is small and invest in them, you should always look at what teams there are, what the purpose, what characteristics, etc.
Example I'm seeing a lot of investing in Ripple because it has a $ 1 downgrade than to invest in Monero or other coins

Let's do a short analysis

Ripple for me $ 10 $ her capital must be 10, so by 36B it should go to 360Bilion
While Monero, which now has a $ 250 bid, and who is charged to make $ 2,500, her capital must go from $ 3 to $ 30
Which looks realistic to the reality without taking the other disadvantages that has ripple?

I believe that even many of you completely with the difference between Bitcoin and the "Bitcoin-producing machines"
The difference is very simple
You can buy 1 Bitcoin for $ 10,000
Or you can buy a coin that costs $ 2000-3000, and to produce 0.1 Bitcoin needs a whole man
Next I believe you often hear words like HODL, Trade, FIAT, FOMO, FUD, HYPE, LENDING PLATFORMS

HOdl / Apo Hold that is to say with the backup, crypto has the meaning that if you have 1 Bitcoin even if you see that you have the price you keep because you believe it has the hyp #HODL
Trade / Or exchanges when exchanges from Crypto Monedhe to another
FIAT / When you see that a coin has gone too far, and you think it has fallen later then you turn it back to USD, the example you bought Bitcoin when it was $ 10,000 today jumped to $ 15,000 and now you're safe or you are afraid of going back, you $ 15,000 that you have returned in USD so you're safe, and when bitcoin goes $ 10,000, you with those $ 15,000 buy 1.5 Bitcoin
FEMO (Fear Of Missing Out) / It's an example when you see that a currency is going up and you invest because you are afraid that you are not even going to "get the train"
FUD / The opposite of FOMO when we hurry and sell the coins because we are afraid that their value will be too much
HYPE / When marketing is excessive for a COIN
Lending Platforms / BitConnect's most successful example that lasted many months ago with Bitcoin, but the ver8 looks like Bitcoin is Monedhe whereas this bitconnect has been a "Lending Platform" different every month, the other in the Bitconnect wall you have time and you do not have to extract me with months or years, unlike Bitcoin and other coins where you can save money whenever you want.
Coin Burn / I guess you have an example example X Coin has to burn 50 Million coins, this is fine as it removes that number of coins that are not in use, so also the coin hyp (Sa ma pak - coins in circulation + how much more capital = so big has been the value of father Coin)

Wallet / It's Wallet Online in which saves Virtual Coins
Exchange / Except you can hold coins you can also return from one coin to another

These were the ones who thought of me, I tried to make it as accessible to beginners, although maybe the members of the council know all about it, but in the future I will have new members who have been feeling the senses, so every one thought, suggestion or criticism in the post even if i value and bother editing the theme even permits
Thank you

God forgets me too
Example when CoinMarketCap Coin Coins is Shame *****
  • XRP *
then that currency does not float, but below you have the case of ethereal and ripple
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Ethereum can mining,
Ripple cant mining.
Now I'm sorry to mention what Pump and Dump is
  • Usually the big whales or otherwise those who have a lot of money invest with any coin in order to jump over the price, and those who invest or invest in them afterwards, because just the value of the coin to jump over the whales sells is dump, and that others lose

Take 1 sample of the first 1 group that has pummel Pump / Dump coins, you are already knee knife 1 X coin which now has $ 0.10, now invest us until we reach $ 0.20 and the news are next to the investor, others invest up to $ 0.40, we invest our investments after getting out 2x profit, the value of the coin still comes in 0.20 others start selling because of the fear of the still, so again we get back to $ 0.10 we buy it again pump dump> dump this way!