How to protect your device from steal {Prey software] - Technology
How to protect your device from steal {Prey software]

How to protect your device from steal {Prey software]

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Every day we hear how many Laptops / Phones are stolen everywhere. The very premise that you lost your laptop along with your personal files, photos etc can be shocking. It may also be a risk because the person who has stolen your laptop / phone can access your passwords stored in various services such as e-mail, e-banking, etc.

But what is the solution?

The Prey Project is a free and free software that helps you monitor your laptop / phone around the world. This wonderful software works in the background and you will not have the idea that the program is started and working.

Prey enables you:
1. Use GPS or wifi-hotspot to find the exact location where your laptop is located.
2. Announce Your Enemy: Provides the opportunity to capture a thief through your webcam's webcam. A powerful testimony.
3. Pursuit of his movements: You can take screenshots from his screen while working on your stolen computer, and have great access to emails, facebook, and so on.
4. Information about your laptop - Process List, Ram Memory, motherboard, bios information etc.
5. Complete blocking of your laptop that made it unusable only if you find the password you want to set.
6. And many other options.

Step 1.
Download the prey from the official site. Available for: Ubuntu, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android and iOS.
Once you have downloaded, you have the same: NEXT-> Agree-> NEXT-> Install-> Finish.

Step 2.
Once you click Finish, a new window will open. Choose New User-> Next. Then fill out the fields provided with your data to create an account in Prey, and click Create. Remember this information because it will be needed when the laptop is restored or lost.

Once the user account creation process is completed, the program will be activated and will start working on the background.

In the following, you must log in to your email address that you have set during the registration process and verify the same.

To have full control over your laptop, you need to log in to the Prey panel. - You can login with the account you created earlier.

After successfully connecting to the Prey panel, you will get the complete list of your computers that you have connected to Prey.

Clicking on the device will show the list of tools provided by Prey.

If your laptop is stolen, just slide the slider to Missing, and then you'll start getting information about your Laptop Thief.

Why shouldnt steal from a hacker?

After the riots in London, robberies began in London's shops and homes. It is hard to believe that the police will find stolen laptops when it is known that hundreds of thieves were circulating around the streets of London. In these upheavals, from Greg Martin's house, someone stole the MacBook Pro laptop. But unfortunately the thief, Mr. Martin was not a simple user, but a former employee at the FBI and NASA, and an IT specialist in computer security. According to all his experience, it sounds like someone has stolen a laptop from James Bond.

He on his Blog InfoSecurity 2.0 explains how the laptop installed Prey, an open source software to monitor or track the laptop or phone in case of loss or theft.

When two days later the software revealed the thief's location, "the next thing I did was to go buy the cigarettes and go back to the hotel for the games to start again ... I zoomed in from where the information came in every 5 minutes to try gain files from him using gmail or facebook and discover his username and credentials.

Watching the thief for two hours watching religious video, browsing to buy Mercedes A class in autotrader, he finally appears on Facebook!

From here Mr. Martin, besides the photograph of the thief, the photo captured by the camera of Macbook Pro through the Prey software, had collected other information such as the IP address, home address, Facebook page, name, surname and where to learn at school.

All this information should only be handed over to the police to knock on the thief's door and bring the laptop back to the real owner.