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Increases the speed of opening Wordpress

Increases the speed of opening Wordpress

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Today we will talk about optimizing wordpress (opening the web site 3x faster) in Web Hosting or Shared Hosting.

But let's start by talking about Shared Hosting.

What is Shared Hosting and how does wordpress work within it?

Shared Hosting is a platform that is preferred only for initial projects or growing projects, otherwise it can be called a test platform around your project or used for companies that do not have a lot of visitors.

Shared Hosting is a space that is released within a dedicated server (Dedicated Server). Within a dedicated server, thousands or hundreds of Shared Hosting can be created, depending on the visitors who have that site.
Seeing this structure, it is understood that all visitors to those pages created directly go to the dedicated server where the sites are created.
This would lead to overload or overload of the browser and cause slowing of the opening of web pages within it.

Wordpress in Shared Hosting.

Seeing the top chart structure we understand why Wordpress Hosting works sluggishly on a Shared Hosting, especially on those Shared Hosting that do not have the right configuration or that are not on a powerful server.

Wordpress CMS is one of the worst platforms for a shared hosting, which has since been unbearable for shared hosting when there are many visitors and of course that this has the right impact right in the slowing down of the opening.

What is the speed that has and should your page have?

A web page must not have Wait Time more than 3 Sec.

The average delay for opening a web site with the Wordpress platform in Shared Hosting is 5 Sec.
But if we narrow down the number of those who use Shared Hosting with the latest technologies (SSD, CLOUD etc), then the delay to opening a wordpress site is from 3 sec to 4 sec.
But if we narrow down the number of those who have the proper configuration and optimization of wordpress, then the opening speed is from 1 sec to 2 sec.

Wordpress is delayed to open because it takes time until it connects to servers. Usually in shared hosting delays for server connection or Wait Time, it can be up to 4 Sec, plus Load Time (total page opening) in total 6 or 8 sec .

But how do you make your site open within 2 sec?

First, it is recommended that your site be on a server that has the proper configuration and has other Cache-related installations.

Varnish Cache, Memecache etc. are very efficient platforms that use some companies on their servers. These platforms use a lot of large web pages and the difference in the functionality of those pages is quite large.

So the main role of Web Hosting is.

SSD Unlocked
SSDs are very efficient disk upgrades (up to 5x faster on the web server and over 10x faster on the PC). Although some people do not value SSD drives a lot, I think the difference is great, especially on the pages big ones where besides speed SSD drives play other important roles.

Cache Plugins

If you select the appropriate cache plugin, then it can increase the speed up to 4x more.
The Cache Plugin saves the content of different pages where the visitor does not need to wait to open the same pages from the beginning but is ready for use because their content is stored in a particular sector.

I recommend WP FASTEST CACHE (I personally think it's the best possible).

Gzip Compression

It is of great importance in speeding up.
More about gZip looking at gooogle because it has to do with the company where you are hosted, so in most cases should be done manually Enable.

CSS & Javascript Minify
Even for Minify there are plugins that are quite effective and can increase the speed of your site.
Also for Minify I recommend the Plugin I mentioned above, WP FASTEST CACHE.

Optimize Images

Images do not have to do with the server or shared hosting, they just need to lower the size in MB or KB. So you do not need a 1MB photo to publish on the page, its size can be down to 100KB or from 200KB to 70KB.

You can also do this with a different plugin (WP SMUSHIP) but if you do not have a lot of photos then I recommend that you do this manually through various Software or Online Optimizer such as

Optimize Database

Of particular importance is Databasa, if you have large pages then database optimization is very important for Spam Comments, Trashed Posts, Drafts etc.
One such plugin is WP-DBManager.


Sometimes themes are the main reason for the sluggishness of wordpress, because some themes (not PROFESSIONAL) are not properly coded and have any issues.
But that does not mean it solves the problem because most modern themes are optimized for wordpress.

CDN - CloudFlare (But I do not recommend it)

I believe most of you have information
for CDN and its benefits.
Personally, I do not recommend using CDN until you have a cache on the server and you do not have a huge site with visitors from around the world.
CDN is recommended for large traffic sites whereby a large part of the traffic can go through the CDN and save the different contents so I do not recommend it until you have a large traffic site because CDN can often release problems in opening the page.

Personally, it has happened that cloudflare CDN slows down the page up to 30%, and occasionally has a page delayed up to 30 seconds. This happens when your host can not be well integrated with Cloudflare and can release such problems.

CDN does not mean it can make drastic increase in page speed, most CDN websites use it for traffic and security protection and a bit for quick opening.

CSS at the beginning, Javascript in the footer

Since the web page does not have obstructions and delays then I recommend that javascript codes be placed at the bottom and the CSS file at the beginning (Head).
This causes the main content to open until the browser detects javascript codet.
Of course this is only the case for those who have access to developing Themes.


After all that I mentioned above, this is the result achieved including the above-mentioned effects.

3.79 Load time - Without any configuration and optimization
1.23 Load Time - The Configurations and Installations I've listed above

Thats all,
Thank you

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