I will tell you how to earn 65$ in VPS services - Technology
I will tell you how to earn 65$ in VPS services

I will tell you how to earn 65$ in VPS services

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As soon as I've earned $ 65 in free credits on Digitalocean, in this tutorial I will teach you how to benefit them :)

First you need to have a credit card, or PayPal, otherwise you can not get a credit, if you have CC better then you can add it to the platform and get credits right away, and if you use PayPal you have to pay $ 5.

Note that this method only works with accounts that are new to you, if you have a digitalocean account knowing that you can not get your coupon.


1. Registered in DigitalOcean using my referral to get $ 10. If you do not use the referral you can not get $ 10. Click here to register.

2. Once you are registered and have entered your credit card or PayPal, you have successfully $ 15 within the account.

Now for $ 50, this will be taken from GitHub for students. GitHub has created a service that gives students a lot of good tools, not just credits in DigitalOcean.

Go here to apply to GitHub as a student: https://education.github.com/pack

Note that you need an .edu.al email to get this service from GitHub, otherwise you will need to provide a certificate from your school.

Once you have applied to GitHub, if you are using email .edu.al, activation will be immediate, otherwise you should wait a few days. Once you are approved at GitHub, go here https://education.github.com/pack/offers and find the DigitalOcean from the list, and generate your coupon after you get it go here https://cloud.digitalocean.com/settings/ billing? i = 0e0d50 and place the coupon you received in the promo code.

If you do not receive the receipt, send a ticket to send the coupon you have and the staff will manually add it to your account!

And so you have $ 65 to use on DigitalOcean! If you are not a student you can also get $ 10 free by signing up with my referral.
$ 65 are credits that can be used ONLY within DigitalOcean, which means you can not drag, please do not hold me responsible if you lose your $ 5 without reading my instructions.

Thanks for the attention!
With respect Alvin Demircani