How to accept more easy google adsense your apply? - Technology
How to accept more easy google adsense your apply?

How to accept more easy google adsense your apply?

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Hello everyone i see adsense google themes have not stopped even though member @Alvi has created a theme for Google adsense and how to admit google adsense.

Here i wanted to put some very important points and also all the members who have any questions for google adsense let them ask here that it is in a topic, and other members only with reading from this topic can choose the problem or question that is seek without having to step on other topics.

What is google adsense how to admit the google adsense theme is here

Initially, I want to sketch some things:

Where is the difference between google adsens full account and hosted account?
Full Approved Account
When we apply to google adsense with a website that has: Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and has top level domain then google accepts us as full approved meaning we can use google adsense ads on other websites other than the website we are accepting.
As a top domain level you can also use a free domain such as but need to connect via DNS and not just url redirection because for google adsens this is known as Framebreak URL
Hosted Account When we apply on google adsense through or through blogs with domain redirects that are not top level domain then google can accept us as Hosted Account
(With Hosted account we mean that we can not place ads on google adsens on other websites except in the web site that is admitted to google adsense).

Can I apply adsense to full account if my account is hosted account?
Yes, you can in this form:
Initially, in the new web site you want me to insert the ads you need to insert (Privacy Policy and Disclaimer found in this post below)
Once you've placed them in 2 in your new website, then go to your account in google adsense
then go to: Account Settings then on the right side where you read:
Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account click Edit
In the next window that opens to: I will show ads on: mark your website
and click Submit
After that it goes to My Ads and creates one or two ads code, and places those ads code on the new web site you applied earlier.
And wait up to 14 days if google adsense accepts you for full approved or not, even if it does not accept for full approved, Hosted Account remains to be missed!

In this tutorial you will learn how to admit google adsense as Full Approved!

Need more than 30 posts?
No more than 30 posts on a web site for admission to google adsense!
(Except if this is required by google adsense since you apply the first time)

Do you need web site traffic to google adsense?
No, not at all what you exhaust yourself with traffic sorry in vain because this is not required by google adsense!

Can I apply to google adsense with a website in Albanian?
So far google adsens has not accepted the website in Albanian so you have to apply in angel or other languages ​​that are in accordance with google adsense rules!

Can I apply to google adsense with Crack / Porno / Hacking / Torrent website etc?
No, because you will not admit it is in contradiction with the Google Adsense regulation!

What are the primary things to admit to google adsense that most people do not know and apply in a google adsense?
For those applying through the website, the first two things that need to be done after creating the website are:
1. Disclaimer 2. Privacy Policy
So after you create a website you need to create these 2 pages, then write news posts on your webpage!
Where can I do both of these:
For Disclaimer I use this: Click Here
For Privacy Policy i use this: Click Here

After you finish these at 2 then enter some topics on the website Maximum 30 Posts and Apply and you will be accepted without any problems!

Can you copy themes from other application websites?
You can copy but only texts, do not copy photos, but upload them from your computer!

How much should we wait after we apply to Google Adsense?
Up to 14 days but it depends on google and its employees and not from anyone else!

Can we apply again with the same website if we did not receive the first time?
You can again apply with the same website!

One fact for this that I showed above, is posting here to know that it is not a lie:

On March 25, 2018 I created a blog, on March 30, 2018 I received confirmation that I was admitted to google adsense full aproved!
If anyone has any other questions about google adsense please submit here all the problems and solutions in a common topic !.

If after receiving this help you are admitted to Google Adsense, show the bottom posts to help other members and those who need Google Adsense!


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