How to create website {full tutorial} - Technology
How to create website {full tutorial}

How to create website {full tutorial}

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On the internet there are many ways to create a website .....

We can create a website through addresses that allow us to do so without any configuration or anything else
Below you will find some addresses where you can create your own website even though you may be Beggin --- It's a page where you can use the procedures that you can find in ... Get your free domain .. No hosting or any configuration required just that webpage allows you all these ...

There are many more ways to create a page ... But what do we need?

At first we have to have a host ... We can find it on the internet for free or buy at a good price ..


Also we can find many free hosts as well as the best below I will write some pages where you can create some free high-end hosts even with a good security .. If you are in doubt where to open a hospitals then recommend you to the ITSHQIP WebHosting sector. In that sector you can view conversations about free hosting.

Once we have created a host we need a domain

What is a domain?

That is, the Domain Name Service is the system for naming web page names. For better computers, the data is written in numbers and for the best people in the letters, this system is also introduced.

The system in question is similar to the IP Address system. This system has the address names that this domain names domain name (Domain Name). These names belong to a higher level called Top-Level-Dmain. Names of parts are as separate as IP addresses, with a dot such as,

Top-Level Domain are some shortcuts and are usually written at the bottom of the domain name. Abbreviations are typical for the respective states or for organizations, for example. AL are Albanian pages. They are Italian pages etc

Some sites where you can find free domains are is one of the best business sites
You can also find a free domain for free domain access to if you may have a problem you can also see the video that I will present below;

Once we have also provided a domain name then we need the script to enter the hosting ..
We have to think well of what platform we prefer to have on our website, last but not least, but would prefer to choose some of the ones I will mention below


You can also install on your site a forum. Two good solutions would be the Vbulletin, PHPbb
Almost 70% of Albanian forums have installed their host Vb but phpbb is also preferred.

Also another good way is to have a blog. (We can keep it personal)

What is a blog: A blog (the focus of the terms "WEB and LOG") is a website maintained by an individual who constantly publishes various information in the form of text, photos and videos. Generally, the information displayed appears in chronological order. The word "Blog" can be used and as a verb with a sense of well-being and information in a blog.