12 hidden tips and tricks that every iPhone user must know - Technology
12 hidden tips and tricks that every iPhone user must know

12 hidden tips and tricks that every iPhone user must know

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On 12 September 2017, Apple released the latest three smartphones from the company: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. After the iPhone X is a smartphone with higher settings than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it has made more fuss than other smartphones.

Apple actually released the iPhone X on November 3, 2017, and the wait for receiving orders was too long for the user.

Many of the features of the iPhone X are intuitive, but a number of them are not so obvious.

The iPhone X features a new generation of screens, face recognition, animation, and new gestures to control everything.

You may be a bit confused about how to do things without a Home Button, and you will notice that many things have moved.

These are the 12 tips and tricks for the iPhone X that you need to know:

Open the "App Switcher" as a professional
Now since there is no Home button, you need to learn a whole new set of gestures, and opening the "Application Replacement" can be a little tricky. Apple tells you to pull from the gesture bar to the center of the screen, and then wait for the App Switcher to appear when you feel a little vibration. This is not only slow but also difficult to get away. Instead, pull upward in a bow to the right or to the left (if you use it with your left hand) and voila!

Turn Home Button (something similar)
Honestly, you will get used without a Home Button very soon. But if you can not live without it, there is a way to turn it back, but in a virtuous form.

Go to General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch and activate it. Now you will see a virtual Home Button, which you can customize and activate your shortcuts as desired.

You can set the virtual button to go to 'Home' with single-tap, double-tap, long-hit or 3D Touch. In addition, if you are concerned about screen-burning, we recommend that you lower the "Idle Opacity" value below 40%.

This Home Virtual Button is more like an all-round button than a physical button. You do not have to place it where the real button was, but it can be placed anywhere along the screen.

Turn off the phone through Face ID faster
Initial users feel that there is only one way to unlock the iPhone X: lift it up and then drag it up after the Face ID lock icon is open. The longest users of the iPhone X know only a quicker way to open it: Raise the phone and pull it up immediately.

Face ID is so accurate that you can simply pull it up without the needle icon being displayed and you do not have to wait for the open lock icon to appear, but when the TrueDepth camera is held directly in front of your face, the key opens automatikisht. So you save about half a second, but when you unblock your phone all day, they are added.

Displays the battery percentage
iOS does not display the battery percentage by default, but you can go to Settings and activate it. On iPhones X, this environment has been removed. But do not worry, you can still see the battery percentage by dragging it to the top-down right hand side. It is now included in the Control Center.

How to disable Face ID at a glance
For any reason, you may find yourself in a situation where you do not want Face ID to be your primary security type - like, if you are being captured somewhere and someone has your phone and can force you to see the phone - you can disable it quickly.

Quickly press the Power Button five times, officially called the Side Button, and will automatically turn Face ID off and your phone's opening security will be passcode. Cross-marking will automatically re-enable Face ID.

Navigate through apps very quickly
You just have to know this trick, but you may have missed it during setup.

Because who would not soon go to the early phone lesson to use it as soon as possible?

Drag to the right of the gesture bar on the Home screen and see how quickly you can jump from one application to another. In addition, you can drag left and right if you are jumping to an application that was not open last.

Save more than 60% of your battery
We are impressed with the battery life of the iPhone X. In many cases, it lasts up to a day and a half.

Placing your phone at Low Power Mode will extend the battery of your smartphone even further. But you can stretch even more, up to 60% according to AppleInsider tests, simply using black background, overturning the colors to create a dark mode dark mode and activating color mode in gray "grayscale mode." These additional power savings are the result of the OLED display of the iPhone X. Unlike traditional LCD screens that have pixels that are illuminated across the board, pixels on OLED screens are individually lit. Black pixels are "off" and are not turned on, so store their power. Access Control Center more easily Accessing the Control Center on the iPhone X is not that intuitive, especially when using it with one hand. Easier, accessing the Control Center, you can do so by calling it through Reachability.

This option is turned off by the phone itself. Go to Settings> Accessibility> Reachability to activate it. Now, after you enable Reachability, drag down the gesture bar and the entire screen will drop down and you can still drag it down to the application icons. Smooth alarms with your face In some ways, the moment of alarm fall is something unpleasant. On iPhone X, you do not need to press Snooze. Once you get your phone, Face ID will see your face, and if you see it, it will automatically reduce the volume of the alarm.

Animate as Adhesive Adhesives are very sticky and the karaoke remixes that people do are very interesting to watch. Most people know that you can send 10 seconds of Animoji video, but do not realize that you can submit them and send them as stickers in iMessage. To do this, open Animoi to capture a new animation and after that face you like, tap it, and it will automatically be placed inside the text input box as a sticker or sticker. Closing Forced Applications It is a myth to close applications with force will save battery life. In fact, Apple says doing so actually spends more energy. But sometimes an app is blocked and there is no other way to unlock it, except close it with force. In iPhone 8 and below, closing applications with the force was as easy as opening the App Appliance (app Appliance) and pulling it up in the app.

On iPhone X, this action is a bit more complicated. Once, you should open the App Switcher by pulling it up with a left or right arrow to open it faster. And then you need to click and hold in an app until a minus red symbol appears in the left corner of the app. You can click on the minus symbol to close the application strongly or you can drag it up. Tap to wake Many Android phone users have had a "double knock" to wake the screen for years. Now, even the iPhone X users have a similar function, but with just one tap.