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Sick of the phone

Sick of the phone

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The phone has become an inseparable tool for everyone. Children, teenagers, adults, anywhere on the streets, bus stops, bars and restaurants find it upside down on the phone, on the Internet. This is causing us serious consequences, both health and social. Experts say that in the future it will be translated into social disaster, as long-standing mobile phone stay away from man by man removing man from reality. Among other things, it raises the stress.

This is a new way of bringing around the world. The positive sides of the handset and the internet, namely the democratization and speed of information through technology, are taken for granted. But internet surfing and hours just outside a computer screen, but especially the smartphone, have a negative, social, psychological, and physical cost that is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers.

Dr. Apostle Vaso, a chronic pain management attorney, says, "We run all the time through thought and never through trying to reach that reality that is inaccessible. So, people wake up in the morning with sleeplessness and with pain in the midst, headaches, anxiety, depression ... ".

In addition to the lack of social interaction, which leads to a lack of respect if you are facing someone, sitting with the head lowers, according to doctors, the posture.

"The backbone can be stressed in the middle, in the back or in the neck," Dr. Vaso.

Experts say something new we have embraced wrong, we should be careful not to convey it to children.

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