Introduced the geographic portal of Tirana with open data - Technology
Introduced the geographic portal of Tirana with open data

Introduced the geographic portal of Tirana with open data

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The Municipality of Tirana, the largest municipality in Albania, has donated geographic data to OpenStreetMap using open licenses. Following some communications with local and international contributors to the OpenStreetMap community and based on the memorandum of cooperation signed in 2017 between the Municipality of Tirana and Open Labs Albania, the donated data began to be gradually phased out at OpenstreetMap using geoportal geo-portal. .cc. Available data include buildings, building heights, streets and names and will help the local community OSM contribute even more to the OpenStreetMap platform.

About OpenStreetMap
OSM is a virtual collaborative project to create a free and editable map of the world. The creation and growth of OSM is motivated by restrictions on the use or availability of map information in many parts of the world, and the invention of cheap portable satellite incandescent equipment. OSM is considered a prominent example of voluntary geographic information and publishes all its data in an open-end license.

Technology used
Over the last months, members of the Open Labs community have carefully reviewed the donated data and began to add information to the OSM using geoportal, a gadget developed by Jonathan Belië, board member of OSM Belgium, and active member of Open Labs hackerspace. The geoportal was developed using open source software such as MapServerdhe Apache. Currently provides a WMS service and a TMS service that enables the display of roads and buildings with data from the Municipality of Tirana. These services can be used in iD Editor or JOSM. It is worth mentioning also the contribution of Besfort Guri, an activist and a member of FLOSSK Kosova, who with his knowledge assisted in the process of data donation from the Municipality of Tirana.

Joni Baboçi, General Director of Territorial Planning and Development, stressed that "The work done by the Municipality as part of the research, analysis and data collection for the new General Plan TR030 are important public assets. It is reasonable that they be distributed to OpenStreetMap or any other open source entity for the purpose of providing such information - the work for which collection has been paid by citizens and taxpayers - to serve the citizens well in any form or method they consider it reasonable. We appreciate the ongoing cooperation and support of the Open Labs community to make this idea a reality, "he added.

This was a big step forward as geographic data is being used in many services nowadays. From startup to day to day life, quality geographic data makes cities like Tirana more accessible and easier to explore. Also, such platforms offer software developers a very good tool for programmers and companies to build on it. Many other municipalities in different countries have donated Open Data for OpenStreetMap and now Tirana is one of them.