Introduced the first electronic driver license in the world - Technology
Introduced the first electronic driver license in the world

Introduced the first electronic driver license in the world

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the Civil Registration Agency, supported by the German company "VeridosGmbH - IdentitySolutions by Giesecke + DevrientandBundesdruckerei", today launched the project "mobile driving license" in Pristina.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Flamur Sefaj, stressed that he is very proud that the Republic of Kosovo presents the first electronic / mobile driver license in the world, which will be implemented throughout the country and not just as a pilot program, but as a full-fledged project.

"It is a pleasure to introduce our newest identity innovation to our citizens, the RKSmobileID application. All citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who have a valid driver's license can download the RKSmobileID application and use it. It provides our citizens with a new level of comfort and security of data, "said Minister Sefaj.

Minister Sefaj noted that the mobile-driving license also recognizes the international driving license standard ISO / IEC 18013, and thus guarantees maximum security and universal compatibility with all future identity card products.

He said the electronic-mobile driver license has many advantages as it enables greater precision in the driver's license control procedure. It also provides improved efficiency as the process is fast, transfers data and lasts for only a few seconds and is safe and stable. It also enables the police to easily verify the identity of the driver and the last is that the citizens always carry with them, just have a smart phone.

In the end Minister Sefaj said a new driving license for the Republic of Kosovo is according to the latest EU directives. New driver patents combine the most contemporary design with the latest security technologies. He said we are implementing both solutions, the products together with the German company Veridos.

While Verdios Chief Operating Officer, dr. HermannSterzinger, praised Kosovo for the first electronic / mobile driving license in the world. He said this is a very important step towards a modern interaction between government and citizens and towards the digitalization of public processes.

"The electronic / mobile driver license is not just a very user-friendly product, but it's also a very safe product. Law enforcement bodies can verify the identity of the driver's license holder by entering the relevant back-end data. This makes practically impossible the falsification of the electronic / mobile driving license, "Sterzinger said.

He also noted that they contributed to solutions by integrating their well-tested product with innovative practical knowledge, such as the Verizon IMAGO Software, which is used for receiving, verifying, and managing user data. Based on the specific project configuration, it supports different types of ID cards, including driver's licenses. IMAGO is in compliance with all international specifications relating to identification documents, types, formats and quality of biometric data, as well as specifications for data security and the use of electronic identification documents.

Kosovo is the first country in the world to have this patent-driven application, which will be available to all citizens who have driver licenses, and which can be read from the mobile phone.

In this conference, the application of the Verifier application on the smartphone with a physical driver's license was made and the data on the smartphone was shown.

The Republic of Kosovo is a new and modern place in the middle of Europe. Our country will always try to provide innovative products through the information technology strategy, which supports these initiatives.

Minister Sefaj introduced a new driver's license and stressed that next year's driving license will be issued with a new design.

Also, MIA has completed all the procedures for issuing a driver's license, while their launch will commence in coordination with the Ministry of Infrastructure.