Deposit cash already at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs - Technology
Deposit cash already at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs

Deposit cash already at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs

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To date you have been able to withdraw money from ATMs. But finally you can also deposit money. Through Raiffeisen Bank ATMs, each bank customer can deposit money in addition to withdrawal. According to the bank, you must have a debit or credit card product from Raiffeisen Bank to make deposits.

Types of deposits are two:

1) Money deposit via your Visa electron debit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank: in this case, keep your money in a safe place rather than holding cash. You can deposit money into your current debit card account in order to make scheduled payments at stores or online payments or to make various payments through your current account. This also applies to loan installments.

2) Deposit money to the MasterCard credit card account from Raiffeisen Bank. In this case, you can deposit funds in your 24/7 credit card account - at the most convenient time for you even after the bank's official schedule.

For timely repayment of your card obligations, it is necessary to deposit the amount of money on ATM no later than 19:00 on the last payment date. This is only if you do not have sufficient stock in the current account from where the debts are automatically cleared by the bank through the Direct Debit process at 16:00.

According to Raiffeisen Bank's official sources, any deposit of ATM funds that you can make with your credit card becomes available for immediate use and you can make scheduled payments at stores, online payments, etc.

Clearing the minimum (5%) or maximum (100%) credit card debit authorization through Direct Debit authorized by the bank operates independently from client deposits at ATMs. The Direct Debit process operates automatically according to predetermined dates if the client has funds in the account even if the client has made money deposit on the ATM before the execution of this process.

All credit movements in favor of the credit card account during the respective month are reflected at the end of the monthly cycle, the obligation and relevant interest rates applied decrease.

What steps should you take to deposit at ATMs?

Place your debit / credit card at the ATM and enter your PIN in order to login. Further, following the instructions on the ATM screen, you can make the deposit of the required amount.

To carry out cash deposits at ATMs of Raiffeisen Bank with Visa Electron debit card or credit card, the currency of the account with which the card is to be respected must be respected.

Cards in the currency of Lek accept deposits only in the Lek currency, while the cards in the Euro currency receive deposits only in Euro.

You can deposit in two coins, ALL and Euro.

Banknotes accepted at ATMs / Lek are: 500 ALL, 1.000 ALL, 2.000 Lekë and 5.000 Lekë.

Banknotes accepted at ATM / Euro are: Euro 5, Euro 10, Euro 20, Euro 50, Euro 100 and Euro 200.

Banknotes should be placed horizontally in the horizontal position, together and without the ordering required. The maximum number of banknotes for a deposit is 90.