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Sweatcoin, the application that pays you to walk

Sweatcoin, the application that pays you to walk

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Winning Money Walking? Now it is possible. This may be the slogan of an application, currently available only in the United Kingdom and the United States, which will soon come to Europe as well.

Functioning is simple: every 1000 steps (measured by GPS) earn a "sweatcoin" (to be less than one unit, 0.95) that you can spend on a virtual store that is related to the platform where you can find almost everything (electronics, running shoes, books, hi-tech devices such as smartphones and televisions, etc.).

At least 15 sweatcoins you can buy the best of 25 dollars worth of goods, but of course to get bigger prizes you have to walk more. To buy the most expensive equipment of course, thousands of sweatcoins are needed. No activities are in the closed environment (ie walking in the gym) but just steps in the fresh air.

For several weeks at the helm of the US and British App Store, the London-based application - has already secured $ 6 million in funding - and despite some criticisms, its users have reached about 5 million.

The application also has other restrictions. If the offer starts with 10 sweatcoins, it's true that you can earn up to five sweatcoins a day for free registration (so it's useless to do more than 5,000 steps a day in this perspective). Going to the next level, paying five coins per month, means collecting up to ten sweatcoins per day. The app has, among other things, a form of monetization based on the advertising offerings that accompany the one who uses the app.

Talking about rewards in cryptovalut is however incorrect: Sweatcoin is not based on blockchain technology, sweatcoin is not convertible into other currencies and it is impossible to "exit" from the application boundaries. It is at least for the time being, for a closed ecosystem that aims to reward users thanks to the earned points of motion.

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