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Duplicate online applications for tax services

Duplicate online applications for tax services

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In Albania, the application of state tax services has started in the online portal
This is a novelty for the Albanian state and its citizens.
The use of the online service for receiving tax services from citizens and taxpayers is nearly twice as high as those in the counters in December.
According to the statistics published by the General Directorate of Taxes, during December we have 45,593 applications for receiving services through the e-Albania portal or 64%, while in the counters were performed 25,616 applications or 36% of the total.
In terms of improving service delivery, speed, security and transparency of the process, electronic services, e-services are a direct way to meet the legal obligations of taxpayers or citizens, thus avoiding bureaucratic delays. From the beginning of the application to date, these services have been perfected and have now become a daily routine in business relations and tax administration.

Online services are conceived and built in such a way that they are easily accessible to anyone regardless of gender, age group or educational level.
As of October 1, 2017, there are 13 documents that are already available online since 1 October. Only through the abolition of the obligation to hand over these documents by citizens and entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Finance and Economy says we saved them about 598 thousand documents and 56 years of waiting time in counters and counters in just one year.
Among the documents that can be obtained online are the registration certificate at the KBC, including NIPT / NUIS, the company's historical extract, a certificate of social and health insurance for taxpayers and individuals, for the income realized in the last three years for the tender for individuals unregistered, tax liabilities, payment obligations, taxpayer status, investor registration with the Regional Directorate, etc.
While within January, the government promised to increase the number of services and payments online.

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